This form captures expressive communication acts. You can use a new form for each expression that you record. The forms is focused on actions that are directed towards another person, as opposed the general observations of how someone is feeling over extended period of time. Many expressions are very brief, less than a second. Some expressions seem to pop out of nowhere, and others follow a prompt such as a question, expectant pause (waiting), or even a touch to encourage a next move. The form sends an email to She will collect the expressions and send them back to the team.
For example, flicked his hand downwards which appeared to express agreement, reached towards the cup which appeared to express "I want that", signed STAR which seemed to request Twinkle Twinkle song, shook his head minutely which appeared to express "no".
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Include a short video (no more than 10 seconds) or a photo or stillshot of the expression
Acknowledging PRC AAC Prompt Hierarchy

Use this image to guide your description of any prompts used to encourage the person to express a message

AAC Prompt Hierarchy image