Video Interaction Guidance

I came across Video Interaction Guidance when I was doing my PhD, because of the links to the work of Colwyn Trevarthen on intersubjectivity.

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a practice that focuses on enhancing interactions.

I have used VIG in my work with adults with disabilities and their supports networks.

VIG involves working with interaction partners through conversations based on video recording of their interactions with the target person. It involves supporting them to be more aware of the small things that may be working in difficult interactions, and guiding them to use these things more.

In 2013 Meredith Prain, Christina Tuke-Flanders and I created Video Interaction Guidance Australia, in order to build the use of VIG in Australia. We are closely aligned, and are members of AVIGuk.

AVIGuk have a great website with lots of information about VIG:

You may want to watch this 3 minute introduction of VIG:

Another amazing animation targetting child and adolescent mental health services

or my 17 minute into:

or a 45 minute introduction with a case study

Vig Poster

There’s a course coming up in July 2022 Initial Training Course July 2022 VIG ITC email