Video Interaction Guidance Intervention

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a technique that aims to improve interactions between two or more people. It involves participants recording, viewing, and discussing with a Video Interaction Guide very short recorded clips of successful interactions.
VIG can be used in many different situations. I use VIG with families and support workers who support people with very severe interaction difficulties, such as people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities, autism, or Down syndrome and dementia. It can be used to help enhance the interactions, and put into words the qualities of interactions that best enable the person with a disability.
Some families and support workers come to VIG with a particular goal in mind, such as helping a person be more responsive in an interaction, or less distressed. Some people don’t have goals, but just wanting explore how to optimise the interactions for the person with a disability.
Practitioners believe that the VIG works for the following reasons:
• Recording is done in the place where the interactions normally occur – it is based on what really happens
• Participants are able to stand back and look at themselves on screen
• The process of people actually seeing themselves communicating effectively is empowering and changes self perceptions
• There is raised awareness of own interaction skills and the potential for further growth
• Participants feel listened to by the guide and that their views and feelings are received
• A shared understanding develops between support workers and between the guider and the participant(s)
• Participants self model through viewing themselves being successful in their communications and interactions. This, together with the support received from the guide, contributes to positive changes in communication and relationships with others.

VIG can be used with pairs of people, such as a key worker and their client, or with groups, such as a whole team who support a person (the process for whole team work are a little bit different, contact me for specific details).