New resources

Susan Fowler has just published another great resource for supporting people with PIMD.

Multisensory Rooms and Environments: Controlled Sensory Experiences for People with Profound and Multiple Disabilities. Susan Fowler: Foreword by Paul Pagliano.
This book focuses on ways to use equipment bought, or considered for purchase, for creating multisensory environments. It also offers hand hints on less expensive options for working towards the same goals.

This book follows Susan’s very successful 2006 publication. In this book she offers a treasure trove of activity ideas for rich sensory-focused interactions.
Sensory Stimulation: Sensory-Focused Activities for People with Physical and Multiple Disabilities. Susan Fowler: Foreword by Hilary Johnson.

Both are enormously useful publications filling a gap in the market for activities for people with PIMD. Both are published by Jessica Kingsley.

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