What are ‘meaningful activities’?

This side box was in the Lambeth report. Some of the things I agree with, some I’m not so sure about. I mean, you can’t define meaningful by saying it is meaningful to the person – it circuitous, because it still doesn’t say what’s meaningful. What is genuinely enjoyable – and is enjoyment necessary for meaning, or is just things that provoke us to action or thought (enjoyable, frustrating, or interesting)? Where are the dividing line between what you or I might find meaningful, and what each individual with PIMD might find meaningful (does it always need to have a community parameter?)
What do you think? Have you seen any better definitions of meaningful activities
What are ‘meaningful activities’?
• They are stimulating and meaningful to the individual.
• People’s physical and health needs are supported in a dignified manner.
• The person can access the community by taking part in activities that they find genuinely enjoyable.
• They recognise that many people with PMLD experience the world largely on sensory level and take this into account.
• People are included in community activities in ways that are meaningful to each person.
• Manual handling policy and practice don’t act as a barrier to the person taking part in community activities.
• They recognise the importance of one-to-one interaction, with a workforce who are skilled in meeting complex health needs, and trained in nonformal communication techniques.
• Suitable and flexible transport is provided that enables people to physically move around their community.

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