Changing Places in Victoria EXCITING!

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Hello on Monday November 26 at the Karralyka Centre in Ringwood we are launching a project that will have a huge significance in the social inclusion of people with a profound or severe disability as a result of an increase of public and private buildings that contain an accessible toilet that has been purposely designed for their requirements.  

The Changing Places project will pilot in Victoria with the aspiration to go Nationally in the future.   This project is based on world’s best practice and that is a highly successful 
UK web based campaign (Changing Places) that commenced in 2006.   

Changing Places is a accessible toilet that contains a ceiling hoist and adjustable adult change table.  In regards to bathroom needs, these facilities are required for people with a profound or severe disability, without these facilities the person with a disability and their carer face the following options 

  • to go home
  • to sit in wet continence pads
  • to change on the floor of an accessible toilet

Under under currents standards 1428.1 the minimum requirements for a disabled toilet facility does not require a ceiling hoist or adult change table and therefore we find very few accessible toilets with a ceiling hoist and change table available.  Since the UK commenced the Changing Places campaign in 2006, there are now over 400 Changing Place facilities available across the UK in public places such as shopping centres, train stations, airports, entertainment venues.

This invitation only event will run from 12.15pm to 3pm and will include lunch.   

If you were wanting us to invite a fellow colleague, please email me their contact details asap. 

A formal invitation will be sent to you in the near future outlining the details of the event.  



MetroAccess Officer

Maroondah City Council  |  Braeside Ave Ringwood
9294 5750  |  0418 381 154

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