BIts and bobs

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but it doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy.
I’ve been focusing my attentions elsewhere. I’ve been fortunate to be part of a Facebook called SPIDA: Severe and profound intellectual disability Australia. It’s been a great community for discussion and hopefully further future lobbying.
I’ve been busy promoting Video Interaction Guidance, a technique that I think is invaluable in supporting people with PIMD.
Have been to a number of conferences and events including Intensive Interaction conference, Young people with complex care needs, Scope’s Communicate Participate Enjoy, and ASID NZ.
Also keeping my toes in the research with doing lots of journal article reviews, beavering away on my own articles, and keeping abreast of new issues. I’ve been fortunate to have a chapter in an upcoming book on Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (in line with Video Interaction Guidance) and Medical Care of People with Developmental Disabilities.
Also been increasing my private practice work, and loving being with people with disabilities again, after two many years in an office.
I’m also thinking of folding this blog and moving it just to my own private practice blog. I guess I started the blog a number of years ago in hope to further develop a community of interest around people with PIMD. I don’t think the blog has really achieved that goal; perhaps in a very small way. I guess I still dream of a day when Australia does have an association/strong group of researchers/practitioners/parents/providers who can raise the voice of people with PIMD.

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