“They’re just being lazy”

Guess what? Today I am too lazy to speak.

I have an acquired disability that effects my speech.

Right now I am in a cafe. Headphones on to block out sounds and centre myself to known rhythm music. I’m drinking in the smells. I am absorbed by single flavours, and have to think when I am ready to change tastes from one glorious taste to the next.

But I am too lazy to speak.

The waitress just pointed to the QR code to check in to the cafe. I slapped my head and signed sorry, as I’ve already been hear for awhile and had forgotten to do it earlier.

I ordered my drink by pointing the menu.

I scored a free vege nugget stick because I commented on facebook that I was craving them but didn’t want to change my Bubble and Squeak routine.

I ordered my main with its modifications using my Clarocom Pro typing app, with font large enough to see but not so large that I couldn’t fit the message on one screen.

You see, today I am too lazy to speak…

Because, when I am out speaking is damn hard work. My muscles tighten and words come out in a drawl. It is tiring.

I’m too lazy to speak, because speaking is hard work. I am too lazy to speak, because I would rather saver another 30 minutes out rather than letting one effortful sentence sap me of the energy.

I am too lazy to speak… and I am proud to be a part of a community that affords me the dignity to communicate in many different ways.

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