Raising Our Sights: Practice Guides

The Practice Guides for Raising Our Sights are out. Check them out on the Mencap website.


There are links to the guides and videos linked onto YouTube.
I’m just watching the Clinical Procedures video and it’s great.
Well done!

Feedback from Master Class

Last Friday I went to the Master Class at Latrobe Uni by Jim Mansell about his recent report “Raising our sights: Services for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities”.
There was probably about 50 people there, with lots of people from Yooralla and a handful of therapist colleagues.
Jim did an overview of the report, then showed a DVD that goes with it (I’m trying to get hold of this), and then we did small group discussion on themed areas and their relationship to Victoria.
It was great to hear someone being specific and using the term profound intellectual and multiple disability, which I think does much to ensure a shared understand of the group and launch off lobbying. Jim was also very good at explaining the context of the report – it is written for policy makers, in language that hopefully they can understand and act upon – it is not a practice guide.
If you want to have a look at the report you can download it from http://www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/groups/dh_digitalassets/@dh/@en/@ps/documents/digitalasset/dh_114347.pdf. The video is supposed to be linked in the future – it will be an excellent resource showing some good big scale practice (e.g., use of personal funding for shared accommodation) and small scale practice (e.g., some really nice interactions with the people with PIMD)