New book

Music for Children and Young People with Complex Needs is a new book through Oxford University Press by Adam Ockelford.

Not being a muscian, I can see that this book is going to be a bit tricky for me to comprehend, however flicking through it, I know I will get a lot out of it. Ockelford breaks down taken for granted skills into meaningful chunks. For example, in his Sounds of Intent framework he looks at the various levels in reactive, proactive, and interactive stages of sound knowledge. In reactive, he starts with encounters sounds, then goes to shows emerging awareness of sounds, then to recognizing and reacting to simple patterns in sound…

I have long thought that a good langauge for describing the subtle interactions that occur with a person with a disability may best be described used musical terms – the build up, the burst, and the roll down are my gross terms, which I am sure map onto to more elegant and precise terms in music.

I look forward to reading this book and think that it will be a useful tool for music therapists, musicians, and people interested in cognition and communication.