Paradigms and pragmatics

I’m busily working on my thesis. Read this quote, which I thought was worth sharing.
“Although issues such as community-based supports, quality of life, and normalization remain equally important to nonambulatory persons with PMR [profound mental retardation], a failure to plan for their day-to-day needs can result in decreased access to appropriate health-care services, deterioration in functioning, and overreliance upon a group of poorly trained and isolate caregivers”
– Kobe, F. H., Mulick, J. A., Rash, T. A., & Martin, J. (1994). Nonambulatory persons with profound mental retardation: Physical, developmental, and behavioral characteristics. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 15(6), 413-423. doi: 10.1016/0891-4222(94)90026-4