Changing Places in Australia!!

The Changing Places campaign in the UK has made leaps in ensuring that there are REALLY accessible bathrooms available for people with PIMD and their supporters. Now Changing Places is infiltrating Australia.
I asked Kathryn Allen to prepare a blurb for me about a bathroom she’s been involved in that is up with Changing Places standards. Exciting news indeed!

People with severe disabilities will be able to enjoy the health benefits of a trip to the public pool thanks to facilities at Brisbane City Council’s new Colmslie Pool which opened on 1 July 2010. The new change room with a shower and toilet in the indoor pool hall is designed to the “Changing Places” standards for people with severe disabilities.

The room provides a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench/shower trolley and a tracking hoist system, with adequate space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two carers. The track also goes from within the change room to the indoor pool so people only need to be moved into the sling once to access the pool. The indoor pool is heated to 32 degrees Celsius, is 1.2m deep and has ramp access in addition to the track and hoist.

For more info on Changing Places click here. Be sure to check out the real-life stories!
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Accessible toilets ! YAY

Getting out and about requires access to bathrooms – this is never easy for people who require an adult sized change table and hoist. In the UK, the Time For a Change campaign is leading the way with getting more REALLY ACCESSIBLE bathrooms around see

Looks like Australia is moving on this too.
Somebody at an NDS session mentioned this the other day.
Today the Victoria Infoxchange posted the following.

NewsFully accessible community toilets and baby feeding room in Frankston central business district

Contributor: Kate Sommerville.
Source: Frankston City Council, Department of Community Development.
Posted: 01-04-2009

A fully accessible community facility has been set up at 5 Keys Street, Frankston, close to the central business district and the Frankston waterfront.

Jointly funded by Frankston City Council and the Department of Human Services, this facility is the first of its kind in a community setting in Australia. It is located in a shopfront style building in a clean and attractive setting in the heart of Frankston. Accessible parking is available at the site.

The Keys Street facility includes two fully accessible toilets with hoists and adult change tables, universal male and female toilets, a parent/child toilet and baby feeding room.

One of the accessible toilets is available 24 hours a day from Keys Street. The other is only available during operational hours (see the attached leaflet).

Both accessible toilets require use of an MLAK key which can be obtained from any member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia (MLAA) on the submission of documentation that the user has a disability. There is a charge of around $9.

Information about registered MLAA locksmiths can be obtained by ringing 03 9645 9995 or 1800 810 698 (toll free), or visiting the MLAA website.

The MLAK or universal key is a national key across Australia for disability related facilties including toilets and Liberty swings. The MLAK system was considered necessary to facilitate the ongoing safety of equipment. The toilets have no attendant but are cleaned and checked five times daily by city contractors.

More information is available at the Frankston Visitor Information Centre on the waterfront or at the Civic Centre, corner Young and Davey Streets, Frankston. MLAK keys can also be borrowed from these locations on the submission of photo identification.

Contact Name: Kate Sommerville
Contact Phone: 03 9784 1967
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